Balloon Flowers and Bouquets

Balloon Flowers!

Everyone loves receiving flowers and our balloon flowers and bouquets are truly something different! They last as long if not longer than ‘real’ flowers and are made from 100% fully biodegradable and sustainable latex.

The balloon flowers are made to order with your colours and ideas to your budget. Each one we create is individual but the photos below will give you an idea of what you can get! Please contact us for a full quote.

IMG_2725 2

Flower bouquet in weighted balloon vase


3 Roses with bow


Large bouquet


Shiny Chrome bouquet


Simple rainbow hearts bouquet

IMG_9279 2

Rose on top of sweet cup containing wrapped sweets or chocolates.


Large Bouquet

IMG_3850 2

Daisy flower on top of sweet cup filled with yummy wrapped chocolates, fudge or sweet selection.


Bouquet with character

IMG_4550 2

Baby Bouquet


Character Balloon Gardener with Flowers


Balloon bouquet in weighted vase!

IMG_1169 2

Balloon bouquet in rainbow balloon vase -weighted.


Simple 3 chrome balloon bouquet with balloon bow.

balloon bouquet

Balloon tied bouquet with balloon bow – no vase


Helium Bubble Bouquet with ribbon and weight.

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