Frequently Asked Questions

Party Tips and FAQs

Here are few party tips and frequently asked questions to help your party run smoothly!

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Banbury Oxfordshire and typically travel up to an hour’s drive from OX16. Please note that it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that there is a parking space available near the venue and to cover any costs if applicable. There is a travel cost at £1 per mile over 5 mils from Banbury.

Where are the parties held?

It is up to you to organise the venue but can be at home, a village hall or wherever you like. The only thing we ask is that a parking space is provided and paid for please. Some factors may change on the environment eg parachute games may not be possible in a small home venue but the quality of the party will remain the same exceptional standards wherever it is held.

Is a deposit required?

We take a £100 deposit please to secure your booking. The remainder of your party is payable in cash or card at the start of the party.

What if I need to cancel?

Your deposit is non-refundable and will count as booking fee if you cancel after confirmation. If cancellation occurs before 1 month of the party date however, we will do our very best to work with you to change the date of your party within a year as we realise situations do arise. In this case we can transfer your deposit to another booking date.

How long is each party?

Our standard party is 2 hours however we do have other options available from balloon modelling at an hourly rate and magic shows from 30 minutes.

Do you provide music?

Absolutely! Appropriate music for the party theme is provided including music system and speakers.

Do you provide prizes for games and a pass the parcel?

Yes prizes are provided for the games – sweets for every winner ( every child is a winner!) plus final winner prizes! We do have gelatin free options available for vegans.

We don’t play pass the parcel unless specifically requested. We have found that the children gain more from active games – as they will be sitting for the magic show and food break they tend to enjoy the dancing and phyiscal games with our fun props a lot more fun. In our experience we have found that children like the ‘idea’ of pass the parcel a lot more fun than the actual experience – it is great fun when they open their layer but not so much waiting whilst others open theirs!! Having said all of that however if you do specifically want a pass the parcel we are more than happy to include this and have various ways of making it run as smoothly and as much fun as possible. (including multiple parcels for lots of children). Please discuss this with is BEFORE the party as we would prefer to organise this if you are wanting us to run it.

Will I need to provide anything?

A table near a double power point is all that is needed. You will also need to provide the food and the cake. We can provide balloons and party bags if wanted – please see our party extras page for more info on this. We bring the rest of the party to you!

Where are the parties held?

This is up to you and depends on the number of children, type of party and amount of space you have at home. If you do feel you need the extra room it may be wise to book a local venue.

Can Parents stay?

Parents are very welcome to stay! We do however ask that the parents respect that a lot of the children  – especially younger age groups may get overwhelmed by noise and that we try to include quiet moments during some of the games and dances.

Loud parent chat forces the sound up and if we have to turn the mic / music up to compete, the sound can get too much for some. This is also very important during the magic show which really loses the flow if we keep having to ask the parents to stop talking so loudly.

The show is designed so that parents can enjoy it too, so whilst we encourage all to watch and enjoy, it may be worth having an area that parents can chat if wanted, or to help the children to get involved instead.

If your party is planned to be of a social club style where you prefer background entertainment whilst the adults are also partying then please check that the entertainment you have booked is best for this. Our fun and games work best when the children are the focus and at times we have quiet moments, whereas a background disco with interactive balloon modelling works a lot better for more adult-focused events.

Can you provide party bags?

We have lots of party bag options  – please see our party bags page here 

Can I request specific props?

There are lots of different props and mix and match at every party so often there is not the time to use them all.  If there is a specific prop you would like used that you may have seen at another party please let us know and we will do our best. Certain props such as parachute are space dependent so may not be possible in a smaller venue such as a home. Popular props include scarves, sticks, beanbag toss, sausage game, parachute, bubbles ( we usually end with these at most parties).

Should I book a Bouncy castle / face painter etc?

We DO NOT advise a bouncy castle to be up for the duration of a fun and games party! If you do plan to hire other entertainment such as a bouncy castle then we can work with you to make the party run alongside this with different styles of entertainment such as balloons instead and work timings accordingly. We cannot however compete with the noise of a bouncy castle or multiple things in different rooms for the entertainment part of the event.

We can be very flexible in the entertainment we offer and work with lots of different scenarios but only if we know in advance;  so if you are planning multiple entertainers / distractions (crafts, magic, softplay, face painters, inflatables to name but a few)  then please let us know in advance and we can work with you on this.

I am afraid if we are not made aware of this then we cannot be responsible if things do not run as smoothly and will not issue any refund if the children are distracted elsewhere.

What age are the parties suitable for?

There is a party suitable for everyone with baby parties suitable from 1 and hen parties for adults! Balloon modelling is enjoyed by all ages from kids and grown ups alike which is why we are such a popular choice for weddings and Christenings!

Our fun and games party is best enjoyed however by the 3 – 7 year age-group although we can adapt for older or younger ages.