Party Bags

Party Bags and Balloon Gifts

It is a nice touch to hand out party bags at the end of the event but why not also try something different with our party gifts and balloons! The GlowSticks and Spinning plates will last a lot longer than most standard party bags and balloons always bring a smile – especially when topping a cup of yummy sweets!

These can be added to a party you have booked with us, or ordered separately for collection if preferred. We also do our best to meet your colour scheme / theme too.

Please message us to place your order!

LED Glowsticks!  £2 each.

These are a great gift and addition to your party  – particularly to our Glow Party but also as a great gift to any party. They can be handed out at the end, or given earlier in the party to include in some of the games and dancing.

On a rainbow lanyard, these LED glowsticks scroll through various colours in different flashing modes. Super fun and a great gift!

Budget Balloon Cups

  • £3.50 each

These balloon cups are filled with yummy packaged sweets and lots of fun! Various designs for both boys and girls.

budget halloween balloons

Foil Balloon Cups £6 or £7 personalised

These balloon cups are slightly larger than the budget ones and are filled with yummy premium packaged sweets and lots of fun! Various designs for both boys and girls.

Bespoke Twisted Balloon Cups £8 – £10

Lots of different characters – you name it we can do it!

Most at £8 but some ‘people” characters at £10.

Filled with yummy premium packaged sweets or chocolates.

Spinning Plates £5 or £4.50 each for 10+.

These are a great gift to go alongside our Greatest Showman Circus Skills Party!

The spinning plates are one of the most popular skills to learn at our circus workshops – easy to start and fabulous fun to master! Take the fun home with these brightly coloured gifts!

Big Bag of Balloons!

Our balloon wands and swords are a discounted rate if booked as an extra to a party with us. You can order these alone though at the rates below.

  • Balloon Swords: £8 for X10  – Great for a battle!
  • Balloon Wands: £1.50 for 1, £5 for X4, £12 for X10 – Fun to pop bubbles with ( or bash friends!) !

Various other balloon models on request.