Corporate Events and Team Building

Team Building Events

Team Building

Why not use ballon twisting as a team building event!? We can teach you how to make your very own balloon models. Starting at a simple one balloon sword or flower, and then working up to a a 2 – 3 balloon design. We have lots of pumps and provide everything you need. It really is a lot of fun!

Dance Workshops

A dance workshop can be a great team building exercise! You choose the song / songs (we can even mix a track together for you if you want) and we create a specially choreographed routine for your employees. This can be simply juust for fun as a bonding exercise, or to perform at a party or event!

A dance class is also a great way to kick start an office Christmas party! Jive and Charleston are popular choices, but we can do any style you like! It is a really good way to encourage people to the dance floor and give a few small skills to dance the night away! It also encourages partner dancing which again is great bonding for your workplace team.


Why not combine both balloons and dancing for a really fun event!!