Hen Party Dance Workshop!

Hen Dance Workshops for your Hen Party!

Kick start your night by learning a funky routine to your favourite song!

Hen Dance Workshops Oxfordshire
Our hen dance workshops are so much fun! We can theme your hen party dance routine to tons of styles including 80s, street dance, salsa, burlesque ( including props!), Charleston, chacha, show-tunes and whatever you can dream up!

We start with a dance warm-up; play a few dancing games and learn a routine to a song / songs of your choice. We are happy to film it for you using your cameras on our tripod too. We also provide a complimentary bottle of bubbly for breather time in our 2 hour workshops!

Styles include street dance, hiphop, salsa, disco, line dance, bollywood, broadway, burlesque or something a little different – why not re-create your favourite pop video!?

The workshops are also a great way to break the ice if not all the group know each other.

See a video of one of our hen parties here!

Prices vary according to number of hens, distance and length of the party (typically one and a half to two hours). Please contact us for a quote.

We mix the tracks for you too!!

Most groups like to mix up a few of the bride’s favourite songs, and we can mix 2 – 3 songs included in the price, or a massive mix for not much more. Let us know your ideas! Popular mixed include Abba medleys, Madonna, Showtunes, Burlesque, Salsa and tons more.

Contact us  for a quote at [email protected]

Our hen parties are in conjunction with our sister company takethefloor.co.uk teaching couples their first wedding dance! Hen dance workshops, classes and parties cover Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, and Buckinghamshire including Banbury, Shutford, Stratford-upon-Avon, Cotswolds, Chipping Norton, Leamington-Spa, Oxford, Brackley, Bicester, Milton Keynes, Bloxham, Adderbury, Charlbury, Witney, Northampton, Bodicote, Coventry and more!