The Mousetrap Balloon Show / Science Assembly is a fantastically fun performance combining maths, science, and art!

science assembly simple machinesThe show / science assembly!

Balloons are used to construct a Rube Goldberg-style mousetrap intended to solve the problem of a runaway mouse. Lots of volunteers are used to aid in the construction of this working machine and the audience’s eagerness to set their trap in motion make this an enjoyable show or science assembly for everyone involved!


Simple mechanisms including levers, pulleys, inclined planes, and screws are part of the Primary Science National Curriculum. The Mouse Trap Balloon Show introduces or reinforces concepts about the nature and structure of simple machines and the knowledge of how machines work – all using the fun and captivating medium of BALLOONS! The audience is encouraged to engage in problem solving skills through the use of common objects and the names and functions of the basic machines are stressed.

The National Curriculum’s statutory requirements for Year 5 specifically states “Pupils should explore the effects of levers, pulleys and simple machines on movement.” This is exactly what this show tackles – with the added bonus of being hugely entertaining and interactive for not just KS2 but the whole school!

“An incredibly interactive and engaging show incorporating scientific concepts throughout.  The children loved it so much and didn’t realise the breadth of the educational development that was taking place!” Miss Wythe – Teacher for Year 4 

Schools and continued learning

The show is ideal for the whole school providing both education and entertainment. The show includes printable worksheets which the teachers can use to follow up the show. They can then continue the concepts of simple machines with fun activities.

“An extremely fun filled positive experience using excellent scientific vocabulary throughout and some great revision of key scientific concepts. The children had so much fun with the balloons and were really inspired after the session.”  Ginia – Teacher for Year 6

“Highly educational and entertaining! Most definitely original with a great way of entering the topic.” Mr Travis – Teacher for Year 4.


The show works great at outdoor festivals and is a great addition to a kids field or science area! Lots of volunteers from the audience are used getting everyone involved in fun problem solving. It will truly be a new experience and something your audience will continue to talk about… and learn something too! We have had an exciting year this year taking the show to Bluedot Festival, Latitude Festival, Cornbury Festival, Standon Calling and Shambala as well as lots of science fairs and Big Bang events.

“Your show was brilliant. The kids (and adults) loved it and really learnt stuff. I was listening to my kids after your show and my 6 year old daughter was explaining simple machines to my 8 year old daughter – they were both engrossed – awesome!” Sam Brown – Brownie leader. 

big bang balloon show warwick


Kerry Jay has been a children’s entertainer for the last 8 years prior to which she was a performer in London’s West End Shows. With a university background in both the arts and science she decided to combine her love of art, entertainment, science and education to bring you The Mouse Trap Balloon Show. Kerry has worked at many schools and festivals around the UK over the last few years with walkabout balloon twisting, an interactive dance and games workshop and other fun balloon show the ‘Giant Balloon Show’. This show was a great opportunity to bring together the balloons and science together in a entertaining and educational fun performance!

science assembly oxfordshire

The show can be combined with further workshops in a school day continuing the exploration of simple machines and mechanics.  Please get in touch to find out more.

We also have our downloadable PDF sheets to develop and recap the knowledge learned in the show. Please download by clicking our little mouse below!!