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Thank-you for booking a party with Come To My Party!

Please fill in the form below and submit your £100 deposit to secure the booking. 

Please note: This is a non-refundable deposit and will count as booking fee if you cancel after confirmation. If cancellation occurs before 2 weeks of the party date, we will do our very best to work with you to change the date of your party within a year as we realise situations do arise. In this case we can transfer your deposit to another booking date. Cancellation within 24 hours of submitting this booking form is possible but will incur a £10 admin charge. 

Please note: if there are parking charges at the venue these will be added to the cost of the party and it is your responsibility to pre-warn us of this. Also if parking around the venue is an issue it is your responsibility to make sure your entertainer has somewhere to park and unload equipment.

What3Words Location of Venue:
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If your event is for balloons or party including pass parcel we will need final numbers 5 days before the event please.
(length of time you are wanting us there to entertain)
We can try and complimemt your theme with dress, music, balloons, magic tricks and hand stamps so it is good to know in advance if you do have a theme planned. Whilst we don't offer fully costumed characters there are still lots of ways to compliment any theme you may have.
Please state your preferred character! We can make most things but will contact you to discuss if there are any issues. We also have many more balloon decor options so please let us know if you have something different in mind!
Price: £100.00
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Here are a few notes to help the party run as smoothly as possible:-

  • PAYMENT The remainder of your party is payable in cash or card at the start of the party ( please note we do not accept BACs on the day although you are welcome to pay that way up to the day before if preferred.)
  • NUMBERS: I will need final numbers 5 days before the party please.
  • DETAILS: Please check through all of your details in the form including time and location!
  • BEHAVIOUR: Your entertainer is not responsible for the behaviour of the children present. Therefore we do request another adult present for the duration. Often younger children will gain more from the party if adults want to join in too – sometimes an extra pair of adult hands with equipment such as parachute can really make a difference to the fun the children can have. All of our entertainers are very experienced at working with children however we are also often ‘in character’ and if a child is misbehaving or running around and spoiling it for the other children we do expect the host or a parent to step in and take the child aside. If we spend too much time with one particular child it does spoil the flow of the party. The entertainer will of course encourage all children to join in and keep them all engaged!


  • ACCESS: I will have lots of equipment so will need a parking space outside of the venue. This may need to be reserved if the area is busy and if parking charges are involved these will be at the party host’s expense and added to the total due on the day (after previously making the costs known to the entertainer). If parking is not possible directly next to the party then we would need additional help from the car to venue and this to be organised and discussed in advance.


  • SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES / REQUESTS: We welcome any specific song requests ( as long as they do not contain any inappropriate lyrics). We will do our best to include some at the party although cannot always guarantee all requested songs will be included. If there are any other special circumstances we need to be aware of it will help us to know in advance so we can adapt if necessary.


You are paying a non-refundable deposit which will count as booking fee if you cancel after confirmation. If cancellation occurs before 1 month of the party date or due to a key family member with a positive covid result, we will do our very best to work with you to change the date of your party within a year as we realise situations do arise. In this case we can transfer your deposit to another booking date. If for any reason your entertainer has an emergency situation and cannot make the party we will in the first instance do our very best to find a suitable replacement. If there really is nothing left to do then we will of course refund your deposit in full.  If there is an instance of severe weather we do take everyone’s safety very seriously and will not have entertainers driving in severe snow. Usually this will be a cancellation by mutual consent and of course a full refund will be given. A full refund will also be given in the event of a government lockdown.


  • SAFETY: The safety of both entertainer and the children at the party are very important. If for any reason the entertainer is threatened or feels unsafe at any point they are entitled to leave with full payment. We will try and resolve the problem in the first instance however – we work on a basis of mutual respect. 


  • COSTUMES AND EQUIPMENT: These are the property of Come To My Party and although are designed to be used and enjoyed this is at the entertainer’s control. The equipment, prizes and balloons are distributed by the performer and we have the right to withdraw them if they are being taken / abused without permission.


  • Bouncy Castle and other Entertainment you may have happening: We DO NOT advise a bouncy castle to be up for the duration of a fun and games party! If you plan to hire other entertainments such as a bouncy castle then we can work with you to make the party run alongside this with different styles of entertainment such as balloons or facepainting instead, and work timings accordingly. We cannot however compete with the noise of a bouncy castle or multiple things in different rooms for the entertainment part of the event. We can be very flexible in the entertainment we offer and work with lots of different scenarios but only if we know in advance;  so if you are planning multiple entertainers / distractions (crafts, magic, softplay, face painters, inflatables to name but a few)  then please let us know in advance and we can work with you on this. I am afraid if we are not made aware of this then we cannot be responsible if things do not run as smoothly and will not issue any refund if the children are distracted elsewhere. 

We are looking forward to partying with you all!