Christmas Treasure Hunt


Start a new Christmas tradition this year! Every Christmas in our family we pre-long the opening of the main presents by a Christmas Treasure Hunt! Clues are hidden around the house with puzzles to work out, and a clue locator helps find the location of the next clue. Our children love it and it is a Christmas tradition they really looking forward to! This year I have decided to share the treasure hunt for a download fee of just £5! A massive bargain for loads of special Christmas fun!! You will need to print the sheets at home but apart from that will only need a pen … and the final treasure!! This is not just a collection of printable puzzles!!! It is a specially designed treasure hunt using locations in YOUR home which you customise using the Location Finder. The answers of the puzzles lead to the next location for the children to look, so it is a mix of problem solving and physical activity.

Christnas treasure hunt As well as a Christmas morning activity it is also a great game in the run up to Christmas. It is designed so the treasure at the end can be anything from a few chocolate coins to the way your children find their Christmas presents! Great fun for a Christmas Party or Get-together It is also a fun game for a Christmas party for a few children to work together. There are often children of various ages at Christmas gatherings and this will get them all working together. Tailor the clue locations to your family and home, or location of the party. The clues can be anywhere you want to hide them – maybe put a clue in the garden somewhere dry. One year we even managed to hide a clue in the park which is across the road from us! ( We made sure we all went as a team to look for that particular clue and also combined it with a quick play on the swings!)  Feel free to get as creative as you like! Full guidance is given on the instructions and I can answer any questions via email.  Supervision is encouraged to make sure the answers are correctly worked out and an answer sheet is included. This downloadable treasure hunt is designed to print at home and aimed for Primary age children – some clues require reading and some younger children will need help. This is a good way for siblings to work together or as a whole family activity. If you do have any questions please do email me at with the subject ‘Treasure Hunt’ and I will do my best to answer as soon as possible. Download our exciting treasure hunt here – once payment is received you will be taken to a download page to receive your treasure hunt.

Once you have completed payment please click return to Merchant to be taken to the download page. If you have any trouble please email me at with the heading TREASURE and I will email you back within 24 hours.