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Come To My Party is looking forward to making fabulous balloon creations for everyone at Hayden’s Family Fun Day at St John’s Community, Hall, Dashwood Road, Banbury this Sunday 10th Feb, 2 – 5.30pm.
It is for a very worth cause so do come along and give it your support as well as having a great time!
As well us us there will be…. Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos, Cake Stalls, Refreshments, Lucky Dips, Guess the Weight of the Cake, Guess the number of Sweets, Bottle stall and loads more. The main part of this event is to draw the Large Raffle; tickets are £2 each and are on sale now from EKKO and STAR TRAVEL in Banbury.
There are some amazing prizes which have been donated by local businesses and people from Banbury including our Pirate Balloon pictured!!!
Also…. Freeview+HD Box (worth £170), Oxford United Football Match tickets, MOT+ Service Voucher (worth £100) , 8 hours Free (Labour only) of Plastering (worth around £250) ,8 hours Free (Labour only) of Plumbing (worth around £250), 8 hours Free (Labour only) of Construction (worth around £250), 3 Course meals for 2, Afternoon Tea for 2, Lots of Vouchers for Hair and Beauty, £45 Voucher towards Birthday Cake, Cakepop Voucher, 1 month’s ladies Gym Membership, Gym Membership, Tenpin Bowling Voucher. Family Studio sitting for up to 4 with a 12″x16″ englargement Voucher, Photo blocks and 20% off Wedding Photography, Reflexology Voucher, Basket of Flowers (worth £25), Fresh Flowers Voucher(worth £15), Voucher for Bowen Treatments, Voucher for Sport Massage, Indian Restaurant Voucher, Restaurant Vouchers, Chocolate Hampers, Chocolate Vouchers, Personalised Hoodie, Giant Cookie, Limited Edition Monopoly Game, handmade heart shape necklaces with Gemstones, Handmade Porcelain Mugs, Children’s Play centre Vouchers, Children’s Toys, Champagne, Wine, Chocolates, and lots more


Merry Christmas everyone!! Here are a few of the Christmas Balloons we have been entertaining with this year!
I am not a natural cook, however I do love playing with food and parties are a perfect excuse to try something fun and different! I get tons of my ideas from Pinterest for party food – there are so many things that really don’t take too long but really give the food table the wow factor! Here are a few of the ideas I have stumbled across….

 Grape Caterpillars! 

Jelly Fishing Penguin!

Fairy toadstools from apple and marshmallows! 

Why not head over to my Party Food Board  on Pinterest for more ideas!

Messy Party!

Another home party idea is a messy party

– it doesn’t have to be as much as a nightmare as it sounds however (especially if you can have it outside!)  

The Cake
I always have grand ideas for my cakes that my baking skills don’t quite live up to! This time though the theme was ‘messy’ so I figured I would pretty much get away with it one way or another! I went with a messy rainbow theme and layered different coloured Victoria Sponge mix in the tin (the idea was red in the middle working through the rainbow to violet outsides – it was vaguely there but only if you knew what you were looking for!). I had no idea actually how it had come out until it was cut and amazingly it did seem to work! I have hit upon a great cake making solution actually for the less talented of us when it comes to the baking of birthday cakes – freezing the cakes! I made the layers a few days before then popped them in the freezer when cooled. This meant that the night before I only have to concentrate on the decorating rather than the whole process. Victoria sponge freezes really well and the reduction of the stress is certainly worth it!
The night before I sandwiched the pieces together with jam and cream, then iced it with a cream cheese and icing sugar mix. I made up another batch slightly more runny with different colours then splodged them on! The day of the party I decorated with smarties around the outside and of course 2 candles!
The Activities
Messy as possible was the key but I tried to keep some vague sense of system so it wasn’t complete carnage!
A sheet pinned to the ground with plastic pegs, and plenty of paint and brushes provided a blank canvas.
The foam pit was lots of fun – ‘Crazy Soap’ which is a bit like shaving foam without the smell. I used about 4 cans.
Next to the foam pit I put a track down covered in the foam and a little soap mix. This was great fun for slippy sliding!
 Another experiment was the soap flakes goo! I whisked up half a box with warm water and initially it was similar to the foam, however as it settled it became more mouldable.  I put some animals in there hoping mountains may be made and layed on however the children werre a little reluctant to touch it! Maybe one messy too far!! It did help the slip when put on the slippy track though.
I filled another paddling pool (I found these in the end of summer sale for 25p each!!) with top soil and hid treasures inside. Lots of tools and also cars went with it and I combined it with a ‘car wash’ – a tray of water with a track linking the two.
It was a lovely day so the paddling pool was a must – the state of it afterwards wasn’t too pretty though!
Baby wash was as popular as ever – both for Mummies and kids!
And the clean up took really only just over an hour -not bad for a Messy Party!
Halloween is approaching so here are a couple of balloons we can do at your party to get you in the spooky spirit!
Octonauts Party

This was a party for my own family – it may give you some theme ideas!

J is mad about Octonauts and wanted an Octonauts party for his 3rd Birthday!

First came the Octonauts – several evenings of playing with Fimo! After burning my first Kwazii and re-doing I was really pleased how they came out. ( I can never seem to get Fimo right the first time – I blame my oven… same as I do when I cook!)

Shellington, Peso, Kwazii, Dashi, Captain Barnacles, Professa Inkling and Tweak Bunny

I wanted to cake to have the Wow factor – only thing is my ideas do outdo my cooking skills! After 6 hours, tears and 3 cakes in the bin this was the result! I wasn’t sure how it would taste though as it didn’t rise the best so my lovely friend Rachel kindly made me a Victoria Sponge as a back up! It was delicious and we served it to the adults but the children all seemed to like the Octocake! My fimo figures helped to decorate it too.

Octonauts Cake

I spent a lot of time on ‘Sub nautical’ themed food and then forgot to photograph most of them!! Here are a few bits I did manage to capture …

Captain Barnacles Marshmallows 
Homemade goldfish crackers
Blueberry bubbles with bread and veg fish
Crab cheese croissants with blueberry eyes.

J wanted to be Dashi Dog for his party. I made a belt out of blue foam and he wore brown leggings and a vest. We added Dashi style hair clips in his hair and blue wellies and he really looked the part! He wanted his green Bunny to be Shellington but I finally managed to convince him that Bunny would make a better Tweak! Mutzey (his monkey) ended up as Shellington.

Dashi Costume
With ‘Tweak’ and ‘Shellington’

We then decorated the garden. Fish went up on the rotary drier with streamer waves, and the trampoline became the Octopod with the help of 6 rolls of Orange Streamer!!

Octopod Trampoline 
Looking slightly worse for wear later in the party but well enjoyed!

One of the big hits of the party (and the cause of most arguments!) was the Octo-alert! I thought for ages how I would make an Octoalert and then discovered talking tins (found here). You can record your own message and play it back when you press a button on the front. I covered it in foam a la Octoalert and it was certainly a big hit!

Octo alert


Games wise we played a mixture of both Octothemed and games to music.

I printed and laminated around 12 of every Octonauts character and hid them around the garden. This was a great start to the party and the children enjoyed seeing how many characters they could collect and take home. We also had enough left from the party to play snap with too!

We played pin the hat on Kwazii which they enjoyed.

I laminated pictures of the Octopod with a pack of fish stickers for each child to decorate – I wondered whether this should be a party bag toy but in the end it was nice for the children at the party wanting more quiet time.


Over all we were so lucky with fantastic weather and the paddling pool certainly got some use! It was a great day and I think the last to leave were about 10.30pm which is pretty wild for a 3 year old’s party!!!    
Welcome to the blog – a new addition to the site! I will post on here ideas for all aspects of parties to give you a little inspiration! From parties I have worked on, to those for my own children as well as parties from around the world, I hope it will give you lots of ideas and tips on how to throw the best party ever!